The combination

Businesses use a combination of hardware and software to organise and run their operations. It is this combination that constitutes an enterprise IT system.


We work with enterprises assisting them boost performance, scale, and flexibility without compromise by securely virtualizing servers and workstations, managing them from one simple interface.

Backup & Recovery

Backup without the ability to recover from a disaster is foolhardy. Partnering Symantec, we ensure your data is backed up regularly securely and that you have the ability to recover incase of any failure or disaster.


We partner the world's leading brands to provide IT Equipment with warranty and support.

Data center

As organisations seek to securely separate their critical systems, there is growing investment on facilities that centralize organization's IT operations and equipment, as well as where it stores, manages, and disseminates its data. This is where the Efficiencie advantage is most expressed.


Today's business is realising a huge amount of data generated every second and storage systems are needed to store this data, our understanding that data storage and protection are critical to your business' success led us to invest in resources and partnerships to help companies achieve this.


Security can nolonger be an afterthought as threats are everywhere and increasing each passing year. We partner leading security OEMs to help us fulfill our commitment to help customers secure their enterprises as we encourage them to prioritise security in all deployments across the four key layers of the security model; Perimeter defence, Operating Systems and Servers Protection, Host Protection and Information Protection.


To facilitate data accessibility and insight, the network has become the backbone of organisations communications helping connect computers and related devices across departments and workgroups. We work with companies to establish this.

Solar & Power

From households to big corporations, reservation of power and its generation with least cost are taking center stage. We deploy and support solar and power backup solutions to enable people, communities and businesses tackle the power outage problem.