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Internet of Things

We leverage the power of connected devices, building robust solutions to bring the value of seamless connectivity into our operations for better efficiency, smoother collaboration, and powerful data insight. Together with our partners, we have extended our IoT works to incorporate use cases around education, remote site surveys, asset tracking, fleet management, power monitoring, smart city parking and lighting management, mobility, and environmental condition monitoring.

Our way

Smart Assets

We have built Smativos a connected asset management platform is helping businesses drive improvements in predictive maintenance and service productivity. Working with different public sector consultants, we are helping municipalities, policymakers and other stakeholders by developing smart city use cases, creating a smart city vision and a roadmap to tackle pollution and traffic management.


Our Fleet management system and Remote Generator Monitoring Systems are helping organisations increase data points to facilitate evidence-based decision making and reduce operational expenses. The power of remote management solutions for connected sites helps maximize energy utilization, the uptime of sites, OPEX savings, and sustainability.

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