Value for our customers

At EFFICIENCIE we understand two things;

  • 1. That the purpose of a business is to create, serve and keep a customer. Experience shows that our customers require the effective integration of technologies to simplify their workflow and boost their efficiency.
  • 2. For you to give the customer the value they seek, you must have the right tools and partners to help you deliver to your customers' expectation. That's what we do! - Helping people and businesses leverage technology to improve efficiencies.

The question we always answer

Do we have the right tools, the right team and partners to help you focus on the more critical tasks of business? YES

Full-cycle Software Development

To increase software ownership and design flexibility, we have been working with several clients on their custom software development journeys and we find the benefits outweigh the traditional offshelf approach. We support technology companies as the innovate and scale their engineering teams, coming alongside them in an outsourced partner model.

Our Areas of Expertise

  • 1. FinTech
  • 2. Education
  • 3. Location Based Services
  • 4. IoT
  • 5. UI/UX Design

Our Approach

We continuously improve our team through trainings and alignment with technology trends to ensure we are able to innovate, support and provide solutions that are relevant, meeting customer needs in an ever-changing and demanding market place.

  • Learning about your business and where you want to go that we may tie technology to your objectives
  • Use our user story template to capture your idea and a picture of the scope
  • Identify required skills to deliver on the promise
  • Share cost implication, SRS and timelines for your approval
  • Constitute a team dedicated to the project
  • Develop the project using our Agile methodology inviting you to our SCRUM meetings
  • Define support document and scope
  • Handover with knowledge transfer sessions