About Efficiencie

Our Culture

Our people and culture are our greatest assets. Over the years we have purposed to be intentional on framing our culture as the most important contributor to our uniqueness and success. Our aspiration is that we would together build a company that frees the individual to reach their highest potential but also one that works not for a specific few but for everyone.

What guides us

We have enshrined values that guide our approach to work but beyond those values, we have created an environment that unleashes passion and energy toward innovation. Our offices have been setup with consideration of Innovative Design + Functional spaces + Welcoming Areas.

Culture at Efficiencie is summarised in five statements.

1. People over Profit

We are committed to choosing people over profit on any day. We have driven a culture that ensures our people feel safe, enjoy what they do and love where they work.

2. Fun and Innovation

We believe that unless we innovate we will surely die and as such we encourage the free flow of ideas and remind ourselves daily that no one has a monopoly on ideas but while at it, let's have fun doing it. The company acts as a vehicle that ensures an environment of ideation and experimentation. We further affirm that no innovative idea as long as it is ethical, relevant and empowers people and businesses is out of scope at Efficiencie.

3. Collaboration and Freedom of Thought

We believe the ability to think for oneself is the greatest freedom anyone would ever have and we choose to preserve it that way. We value every individual thought and uncompromisingly welcome it, our people are free to think and contribute the best way they can without lid to silence their thoughts. We work together to deliver a collective very best.

4. High Energy Environment

Laissez-faire is not our approach and good is not enough. We are always on the move and thinking about the next thing. It is the idea executed rigorously that wins.

5. We Think Global and Are Obsessed About Making a Difference

We are constantly looking at ways to make things better and move the human life experience forward. We always question our work and look beyond ourselves to how people from different cultures or geography would perceive it. Whatever we do, we build for the world.